Funded Training for Small Businesses

Funded Training Courses to help Small Businesses


Espoir Nature is pleased to announce that we are joining forces with experienced Social Media Marketing and Website Testing experts to present a suite of training courses to help small businesses. In collaboration with Micala Wilkins and Shirley Atkinson we will be providing a range of courses to help business owners learn how to promote their businesses online.

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The good news is that if you paid cotisations last year then you may be eligible for help with funding to pay for this course. And even better, we can help you with the funding application. 



Applying for Funding


Espoir Nature is an approved Data Doc association and therefore any training provided by us can be funded, partially or fully from the 'training fund 

If you paid any cotisations last year then you should have training fund available for you to use this year. We can check the amount and put in the formal application for funding on your behalf. We just need a few details from you in order to start the process and find out if you are entitled.

Note: The amount of funding can vary depending on which department you are associated to but, even in the worse case scenario, it should be sufficeint to cover several, if not all of the courses we are offering.

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Course Details

Training Session Format

The training will cover several topics designed to provide the business entrepreneur with the knowledge to help them improve their online presence and ultimately boost their income.  All courses will be prepared and presented by experts in their field and will either be workshop-based or online.

From past experience, training is more beneficial if it's face-to-face, but we are happy to consider alternative ways to deliver the sessions if restrictions are still in place for non-essential travel, or if the workshop location is too far for you to travel.

To keep costs down training sessions will be in groups, rather than on a 1-2-1 basis, unless specifically requested and agreed with the presenters beforehand.